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We've been married for almost 5 years and live in a small town in northern Oakland County, Michigan with our 2 dogs (Daphne + Tucker) and 2 cats, (Milo + Oscar).

We love big, laugh loud, swear too much and love a good night out with great food and even better laughs.

We always thought adoption would be a part of how we grew our family. I (kel leigh) wanted 4 kids, Jeff was comfortable with closer to 2 or 3 and when we got married we were in our 30's.... So we always planned on adoption being apart of the plan, We thought we'd have bio kids too. And we tried for a couple of years and it just wasn't happening. So we've put all of our energy into adopting and we are so in love with the idea of an open adoption.

Our goal through all of this is to have an adoption that we and our child's birth parents are happy and fulfilled by. We know that looks different for everyone and we hope to build a relationship with them where we all have input as to how this adoption works for all of us.