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We had the quintessential fall day this weekend, we visited a cider mill - along with everyone else in South East Michigan. I can't remember the last time I was around that many people. I told J, it was so nice to see so much diversity, hear different languages being spoken and everyone was kind and smiling - maybe the hard cider and wine helped, jk.

We started the day with a long drive..... went the back way through small towns, down country roads..... day dreaming about buying the old farm houses we passed.

We finally made it to Blake Orchards where I immediately regretted my shoe choice, as usual. I have this knack for picking horrible movies (on one of our first dates we went to the movies + I picked some scary movie + I could tell Jeff hated it but he was trying so hard to be nice) + I pick the absolute wrong shoes for whatever we're doing. Fashion over function wins every time for me.

Not the best photo, but aren't these mules cute? How could I pass up an opportunity to wear them?

The shoes weren't too bad until we had to walk back to the truck, I'm sure the hard cider we had right before we left didn't help matters much.

For some reason, we chose to walk back through what can only be described as a xmas tree farm. Tall grass, Xmas trees the size of a very large man, holes, invisible holes I stumbled over..... My cute, slightly heeled mules weren't much help. My ankle twisted a bit at one point, I yelped - loudly + Jeff stopped. looked back + asked if I was ok. I told him I was and he chuckled, "I thought you went down for sure on that one". Me too honey, me too.

The sun had started to dip in the sky on our walk back. It made everything glow with that "golden hour" light.

I always wish I had taken more photos.......The weather was perfect, the donuts delicious + the company perfect. We brought home some goodies + grabbed dinner at one of our favorite spots on the way home. We both kept saying what a great day it was.


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