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Man we love to decorate for any and all holidays. We both grew up in homes that went all out decorating and celebrating and they're some of our favorite memories from our childhoods.

My mom taught the 5th grade for almost 10 years before she had kids and she saved a lot of things from her classroom. These cardboard bulletin board decor were my absolute favorite when I was a kid, they still are.

The older I get the simpler I like things. One or two things that really stand out instead of all the things crammed together.

I can't get enough 3-d bats and hanging witches hats. I got crafty last year and tried some hand embroidery. Next year I might add some "floating" battery operated taper candles - like from Harry Potter.

Those little bears and jack 'o lantern were also my moms. Man, I used to play with those little bears every Halloween. It's amazing they're all still intact.

I hadn't planned on decorating the nursery for any holidays. But then I was in Target [it's always Targets fault] and they had this adorable Halloween village and it reminded me of those Halloween Bears I played with as a kid and I couldn't help myself.

It also gave me an excuse to get these shelves up. I plan to make this area a little reading nook as our kids grow, move the tall 5 drawer piece, add some floor cushions + pillows + blankets, change out the books for the seasons and holidays..... I can just see our kids getting so excited to get this village out each year and play til their hearts content.


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