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Summer Projects

We re-did our kitchen about 3 years ago and had planned on adding a butcher block counter top to the side where the fridge and stove/oven used to be and it just kinda fell on the back burner. We put it off partially because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do....... 6' counter and build out the bottom nook area....... 4' counter and have a space for a small kids table or???....... and it got partially left because it just wasn't a priority, life has been busy.

I finally bit the bullet and decided on the 6' and I love how it turned out. Two extra feet of counter space and a spot for all my crocks and the animals water bowl. You can't tell from the photos but I continued the shiplap on the inside and outside of the support/nook area so it flowed with the wall and back splash that I put up on both sides of the kitchen a few years ago. And Jeff really out did himself too, having a handy husband is soooo nice. He built the support holding up the solid butcher block, the shelves and wrapped the new support in base and it looks great!

And while Jeff was building the support I updated one of our bathrooms. I am horrible at getting before photos and am usually in the middle of a project when I remember to get one. I painted the vanity (our bathrooms will get a major reno in a couple years), faucet and hung a new mirror and when Jeff walked in after it was completed he said "It's like we have anew bathroom." It will never cease to amaze me how a bit of paint can really change the feel of a room.

Our next summer project is a fire pit and painting the exterior of the house. It's been such a productive summer. I love crossing things off our "to-do list".

-Kel Leigh

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