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The Nursery

Last spring/summer when we began the home study process we looked through a couple profile books from past families at our agency, and a couple of them had a full nursery set up. And I remember thinking, "Well that's crazy. These people don't know if they'll ever be chosen by an expectant mother. There may never be a baby or child who lives in that room". And honestly, it seemed kinda creepy. Like a shrine to the baby gods.

Well look how the tables have turned. I'm the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. In the midst of all of our projects this summer [post coming on all the shit we accomplished mainly because I'm so damn proud of us for actually getting so much done], I decided it was time to also tackle the nursery. This room was basically where empty amazon boxes went to die.

And if I'm being honest, one of my motivations was an expectant mother who was contemplating an adoption plan. She was due at the end of July and she chose us if she was unable to find a family member to place with. There was a real possibility that we would soon be bringing a baby home and I wanted to feel a bit more prepared. So we cleared out the boxes, bought a few items we didn't have [a moses basket, bottles, pacifiers, ollie swaddles, muslin swaddles, burp cloths, changing pad, onesies, layettes.....] and organized it all. She did end up placing with her family but we're ready when we do have a placement.

Things can move fast in adoption and I feel so much better knowing that we're pretty set for the first month we'll be home with our babe. The nursery is gender neutral [we don't have any preferences on gender or ethnicity]. And I am so in love with how this room turned out. There are sweet little touches like the mobile above the changing table was Jeff's when he was a baby [and it still works!], most of the books in the amoire are our old [well loved] books from when we were kids and we've added to it over the years, a basket full of wood cars + trucks and wood playschool puzzles from when Jeff was a kid, and so many blocks + felt toys. And I can't wait to try out our Snoo from Happiest Baby. It's a smart bassinet that tracks sleep patterns, has built in white noise and rocks the baby faster or slower all depending on if they're crying/fussing or sleeping soundly. They also have rave reviews and promote safe sleeping habits.

In our updated home study, Elly our social worker, noted that we are 'completely ready to welcome an infant into our home and have everything a child will need and want'. I teared up when I read that. We are ready.


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